Trying out all the best toys and having fun

2nd Day of Christmas

On the Second Day of Christmas my true love gave to me….

Two Crystal Butterfly Balls are one of the best products to intensify your orgasmic pleasure.  These crystal marble-sized Ben Wa balls are a combination of elegance and sensuality. Crafted from solid hand-blown glass they feature a delicate purple butterfly in the center of each. This sensual duo come nestled in a white satin-lined heart shaped tin for easy and discreet storage. Ben Wa balls are a fun and erotic way to strengthen your Kegel muscles. You can use these on their own or use them with a Kegelmaster routine.

Another wonderful Kegel exerciser is the Smart Balls by FunFactory. If you need a little help with training, or you just enjoy the massage and stimulation features this is the way to go.  Smartballs are made of hygienically safe elastomed, which is a medical-grade, latex free, silicone product. This maked them very durable and super easy to clean. Their velvety smooth surface makes them very pleasing to the touch and they come in a great assortment of colors. Detailed instructions which are very helpful come with the product along with a sample of the lubricant Bodyfluid.

As with almost any toy you will use it is always smart to use a lubricant. There are so many choices out there, including WET, Astroglide and ID Glide. Always remember a little lube can go a long way to making things a little bit more fun.


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