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Mardi Gras Masks

Mardi Gras time is coming up soon and it is time to celebrate. This is such a fun time of year, you get to wear masks, costumes and all sorts of fun things. I am going to show you a few of the fun masks that are out there.

The first one is a Venetian Style Cat Mask that includes faux fur across the outline of the face. This great item will bring a hint of mischievousness to your evening. The mask is black fur with gold trim around the face and eyes, secured with a felt head band. It also comes with a jewel attached to the nose.

Another great mask is this gold and white hued version. This Venetian Style Mask with Smile is painted with a sexy impish smile. You also attach this to your face using the felt headband. This item is made of hard plastic material for comfort and durability. You will definitely draw quite a bit of attention with this mask.

A few more fun masks are the Festiva Exotic Mask Black, Festiva Exotic Mask Purple, Festiva Exotic Mask White. These are masks that are a little bit more common, but still really fun. The  great thing is that each mask is a little different from each other. Plus this is a sexy way of keeping your identity a secret.








Valentine Sweetheart Box

Open yourself up to some new experiences this Valentine’s Day. With the sweet flavors of strawberries and white chocolate treats or the delicious assorted rich chocolate body treats. You will definitely leave your lover wanting more. This Sweet Heart Box Strawberry set includes Strawberry Creme Brulee  Body Souffle, White Chocolate Body Paint with a supple body paintbrush, and a Strawberry Dreams Honey Duct with feather applicator.

Also they have the Sweet Heart Box Chocolate if you prefer the assorted chocolate. This is the perfect gift for any Chocolate loving sweetheart. Includes a 2 oz. Chocolate Honey Dust w/ feather applicator, 1.8 oz. Chocolate Creme Brulee Body Souffle, 2 oz. Dark Chocolate Body Paint and body paintbrush.

These limited edition items comes in a heart shaped box measuring 7″ x 5″ x 2 1/2″.

More Valentine’s Candy

Did you love the candy necklaces you bought as a kid? Well, now they have the grownup version.  The candy version are made by Spencer and Fleetwood. They include the Candy G-String, Candy Bra, Candy Nipple Tassels, Candy Posing Pouch, Candy Garter, and Candy Whip. I think these are a great way to make yourself both sexy and delicious. These products are all made out of hundreds of little candies strung together. Who doesn’t want to take a bite out of this?

Hummingbird Vibrator

Another great little hummingbird bullet vibe is the Love Bird. This little bullet vibrator is great for those of you who enjoy small compact features. This Phthalate free jelly sleeve design is very detailed and textured to perfection. Whenever you need a little bit of pleasure simply nestle this little bird wherever you would like a little stimulation. With a simple press of the button in seconds you can be enjoying one of 5 very enjoyable sensations. This is another waterproof toy so you can take it in the shower or bathtub with you. Requires 2 AA batteries not included. Easy to use ergonomic controller. This product comes in both pink and purple.

Sexy Phereomone Bracelets

Want to attract more members of the opposite sex? Evolved has new Silicone Pheromone Bracelets guaranteed to do just that. They are made with 100% pheromone infused silicone. You wear them on your wrist like a normal band. The natural heat from your body interacts with the bracelet to cause pheromones to be released drawing members of the opposite sex.



These Pheromone bracelets come in black for men and pink for women. These bands last about 45 days one they have been opened, so get going and meet some new people.

Warm and Tingling Holiday!

Want to have your own warm and tingling holiday?  Try this Peppermint spiced water-based lubricant Wet Ectasy by Wet International. This aphrodisiac blend of a water based lube with peppermint extract is sure to please. I had the opportunity to try this last month and let me tell you it was AWESOME. As with most Wet products it was long lasting, you only have to reapply if you are working on a marathon.


I am always a little nervous about using flavors or scented products because that is such a sensitive area and I definitely don’t want anything to feel less than pleasant. I tried this first on my arm, which I always do before trying a new lubricant and got a little bit of the tingle. When applied to the genitals it does tingle a little bit more, but it is still mild. Peppermint has many uses in daily life, but I have to admit I think this is one of the best uses. Congrats to Wet for deciding to give this a shot.


This product comes in both a 10.6 oz bottle and a 3.6 oz bottle. If you are new to the flavored, warming, or tingling lubricants I would suggest buying a small bottle to test it out. I am sure once you try it you will definitely want to buy a bigger bottle next.  If you want to add something warm and tingling for a night this is definitely something I would suggest.

Ultimate Toy Chest

Ever needed a secure yet stylish place to store all your friends without worrying about anyone finding them. Then this very posh Devine Toys Play Chest by Devine is what you have been looking for. This toy chest has quite a bit of room in it. With a sleep soft pink and black faux patent crocodile exterior it is bound to impress people. This product is accented with chrome hardware and a charming tag that hides the keys so they won’t get lost. This great case has adjustable interior partitions with tons of pockets and loops to satisfy even the most indulgent collector.

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