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Mardi Gras Masks

Mardi Gras time is coming up soon and it is time to celebrate. This is such a fun time of year, you get to wear masks, costumes and all sorts of fun things. I am going to show you a few of the fun masks that are out there.

The first one is a Venetian Style Cat Mask that includes faux fur across the outline of the face. This great item will bring a hint of mischievousness to your evening. The mask is black fur with gold trim around the face and eyes, secured with a felt head band. It also comes with a jewel attached to the nose.

Another great mask is this gold and white hued version. This Venetian Style Mask with Smile is painted with a sexy impish smile. You also attach this to your face using the felt headband. This item is made of hard plastic material for comfort and durability. You will definitely draw quite a bit of attention with this mask.

A few more fun masks are the Festiva Exotic Mask Black, Festiva Exotic Mask Purple, Festiva Exotic Mask White. These are masks that are a little bit more common, but still really fun. The  great thing is that each mask is a little different from each other. Plus this is a sexy way of keeping your identity a secret.








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