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Mardi Gras Fun!

I always love Mardi Gras season. It is such a fun time to get dressed up and act a little crazy. I already wrote a blog about the masks, which are pretty fun to wear. A little anonymity can go a long way at a party. Now there are a few more party tricks to add to your bag.

I always enjoy the glimmer a little bit of glitter can add to my body. A great product with a Mardi Gras theme is the Stardust Glitter by Kingman Industries, Inc. This is an easy product to apply. Just dip your finger into the color you wish to apply and run through your hair or light rub on your skin. My favorite way to wear this product(in public) is wear it with a sleeveless dress. Another really great way to wear it in strategic locations sans clothing for a romantic evening with your lover.It stays on for quite awhile and doesn’t rub off too easily. If this color set doesn’t excite you they make a bunch of others that I really enjoy. This color set includes Amethyst,  Magenta, Copper, and Opal. This a glittery gel in a 2.11 oz jar.

Another necessity is beads, you just can’t spend Mardi Gras without beads, and there are so many kinds out there you just never know what to get. A great one to wear is the Night to Remember Jumbo Mardi Gras Beads by Sassigirl Inc. This set of beads is 24in. long with 15 2 and 3in. beads.  This makes it very strategic to wear if it is ALL you want to wear. It comes in the traditional Mardi Gras colors of gold, violet and green. There is also a really neat beaded necklace that is just like the regular necklace. It is the Night to Remember Jumbo Mardi Gras W/ Gold Mask also by Sassigirl Inc. This necklace includes a Fleur de Lis flanked by gold theater masks on either side. This is also a great addition to your ensemble or wear alone.

A fun conversation starter at every party is the Mardi Gras Party Necklace. This metallic party bullet necklace is definitely a crowd pleaser. It has a whisper quiet motor, but even though it comes in a small package it packs a powerful punch. With just a quick turn of the dial this necklace goes from a fun party necklace to a fun toy with multi-speed vibrations to bring on a lot of pleasure. You can also use these in the shower, spa or bath, so you never run out of possibilities. This fun mini vibrator comes in blue, pink, purple, red, silver and green. Unlike a lot of novelty necklaces that I have tried this one has very strong vibrations, it starts out slow, but as you turn it up you get quite a thrill. This vibrating necklace is good for all kinds of events, such as bachelorette parties, home parties, birthdays, etc.

The Pleasurists #119 Sex Toy Reviews

My first time to be included in the popular Pleasurists Sex Toy Review Blog by Scarlet!

Naked Fetish by FlipFlopBear

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XMyBox ARK Venture

I love the way XMyBox markets their ARK Venture. They all have a cute theme including the Atlantic ARKVenture, Indian ARKVenture, and Pacific ARKVenture. These vibrating masterpieces all include a Captain, First Mate, Navigator and the Treasure they are seeking. Just like any true adventure should hold.

You are able to change your ARK Venture story with just by switching one of the four interchangeable heads. All the  ARK Ventures come with a Penguin Captain, Rabbit First Mate, Penguin Navigator, with the Treasure a pleasurable bulb. There is bound to be one that hits the right spot for you.

One thing I really liked is the fact that it is very easy to change the head. All you have to do is twist to the left to remove and then simply put the new head on and secure with a twist to the right. This is great, especially if you want to change the head in the middle of the action.

The sets actually vary very little besides color. The styles are very similar.  This is a great product for women who are very particular about the shade of their toys. One thing that I didn’t care for is I thought the regular bulb should have had a little bit more flexibility, but if you like the hard vibrator this set is great for you.

As always you need to make sure and clean your toy well, this company recommends soap and water, but for the more experienced toy connoisseur I definitely recommend using one of the toy cleaners I am always touting.


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