Trying out all the best toys and having fun

Tantus Massagers

Tantus has an awesome assortment of mini massagers on the market.

These little massagers have a single speed, push button bullet made just for your discreet massager. They all have a sexy and stylish design. All are made from non-porous, hypoallergenic, food grade material.  In addition they are Phthalate and latex free. One great aspect is that they are waterproof so you can take them with you for fun in the shower.  With Tantus’ proprietary silicone blend the sleeve is easy to remove if you should want to try your Little Secret with another similarly sized bullet.

Tantus Little Secret Tease Massager has a tip especially designed to tickle and tease your favorite spot.

Tantus Little Secret, Secret Kiss Massager comes with a tip just to tease and titillate where ever you may want it.

Tantus Little Secret Spoon Massager has a unique cup shape designed to cradle your clitoris or nipples.

Tantus Little Secret Touch Massager has a unique head that can put the vibrations right where you want them.


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