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Bijoux Indescrets Poeme Body Paint

I am a huge fan of edible body paints of all colors or flavors. The Bijoux Indescrets Poeme Body Paint is a new one I recently tried and liked very much. They have two great flavors, Frozen Yogurt and Sweetheart Cherry. I prefer the cherry flavor myself but both have a great flavor to them.

One thing I always pay attention to when I am trying these is how they actually taste and if they look fun. I like one that have a great color and great flavor. I would give this product an 7 for flavor, but only a 4 for color. They tend to blend into the skin so they don’t have too much color. However, they do have an added quality of a yummy aroma, and the cherry really does smell like cherry, still think the yogurt has a little bit of a bland smell. The warmer the body the better the aroma comes through.

100 Questions about Sex

100 Questions about Sex, Get the Conversation Started Card Game is a great game for couples. Whether you have been together a short time or a long time you will find out new things about your partner. I know some couples are a little shy to discuss sex, it is just isn’t something they feel comfortable with.

I get asked all the time how I can be so open about things involving sex which a lot of people consider to be taboo. Well, I didn’t have the option of a fun game like this. It can be mild or wild. The cards include three types of questions, X, XX, or XXX. You can pick your own level of intimacy.

100 cards in a nice little box for easy storage, just make sure you don’t leave it laying around since the box does tell you what is inside.

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl

Best book EVER! Ride ‘Em Cowgirl Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking Book by Dr. Sadie Allison is a great book which offers new ideas without having to contort yourself into crazy positions that most normal people are just not good at doing. I love Kama Sutra books and things but if you are over the age of 25 you could seriously injure yourself with some of the positions. I am not sure about you but my idea of a fun evening does not involve having to explain to an ER Tech how you injured yourself.


This book is very exciting because it gives you plenty of ideas for the young and old, the tame and the adventurous. Plus it has several fun ideas for positions to use during pregnancy. There are also some great ideas for lovers who have curves. 

This makes a great couples present, bachelorette party, bridal shower, etc. I will definitely be giving away copies of this book to my girlfriends.

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