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5th Day of Christmas! Sqweel2

On the 5th day of Christmas my lover gave to me… The Sqweel 2 is a great gift for the woman on your list. Some consider this to be the best oral stimulator out there right now.

To be honest this toy took a little getting used to. I was a little uneasy about using it at first since it is essentially a box with these very soft “tongues” on it. It is not your normal toy, but it can be very fun.

Sqweel 2 has 10 lapping silicone tongues on a hidden wheel, with 3 powerful speeds. If you liked the original Sqweel you will enjoy this one even more.  They have enhanced the power by 30%, since there were several requests to rev it up a little. It also has a  new reversible mode to change things up a little bit and flicker function that causes the tongues to rock back and forth.

Unlike some other toys out there you can easily clean the Sqweel 2, just by taking it apart and washing in warm water with soap. I like to clean all my toys with a high quality toy cleaner, although I have to admit sometimes when I am done using this toy the last thing I want to think about is taking it apart to clean, so that can be a slight drawback.

4th Day of Christmas! Unwrap Me Bow

On the 4th Day of Christmas my lover gave to me… A sexy Unwrap Me Bow! This Rene Rofe Unwrap Me Satin Bow in Red
will always be a pleaser. Men like nothing more than unwrapping a present and this one will definitely strike a happy note.

I loved wearing this for my lover, he thought it was a stroke of genuis. I kept asking him what he wanted for Christmas and since we are apart so much of the time, he kept saying he just wanted me. So… I wrapped myself up in this sexy package and gave it to him. It will definitely be a look I will always remember.

3rd Day of Christmas! Motion Lotion

On the 3rd day of Christmas my lover gave to me…. 12 Nights of Christmas Motion Lotion. What better present can you ask for than a different fun flavor of lube every night for 12 evenings?

Just apply this wherever you think it might be fun to try. A bonus is when you blow on this lube it provides a slight warming effect with a fun tingle. This lubricant pillow pack includes 4 of each of three flavors, Vanilla, Cherry and Strawberry.  I just loved the idea of having small lube packages to tuck into the stocking. The fact that these are small pillow packs makes them easily concealable, you can carry them anywhere. You never know where the feeling will strike you.

2nd Day of Christmas! Sexy Holiday Stocking

On the 2nd day of Christmas my lover gave to me a Screaming O Sexy Holiday Stocking. This wonderful holiday stocking comes loaded with many pleasurable gifts.   If you are looking for a fun gift for the both of you I would definitely choose this one.

Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to try several of these items with my partner, so to have all of them in one convenient package is great. The LingO Vibrating Tongue Ring is very versatile, if your tongue gets tired you can always move it to one of your fingers. I love using cock rings, and so does my partner, this Screaming O Original Disposable Vibrating Ring has a little bit of extra stretch to make the fit more comfortable for him.

As for the lube Sensual O Body Glide in Kiwi Strawberry isn’t the best tasting or longest lasting but it comes with the package. I am not really a fan of the normal WET International lube, they have so many other high performers that I wish they would have included one of the better ones in this stocking. But if you only use it this one time then it does it’s job. I love the fun positions book, it might even have one you haven’t seen before and want to try.

The stocking includes a Screaming O Original Disposable Vibrating Ring, Rock On Pills, Screaming O Super-Powered Mini Vibrating Bullet, Big O Multifunction Reusable Vibrating Ring, RingO Erection Band, LingO Vibrating Tongue Ring, Kiwi Strawberry Flavored Lube, Fun Positions Booklet and 2 Screaming O Mints.

1st Day Of Christmas! Xmas Tree

One the first day of Christmas I bought for me, a Xmas Tree with 24 Ornaments.  I love this slightly naughty tree. This is a cute little tree, 24″ tall Xmas tree with a24 ssorted XXX Mas ornaments. Including a naughty Santa naked except for a strategically placed stocking, fun sexually positioned gingerbread people, a penis holding a wreath, and a stripper straddling a penis candy cane. I really love this as a good gift for a single male friend of mine, he put this up in his home and his friends get the biggest kick out of it.

7th Day Of Christmas

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me….


Seven wonderful glass wands.


Don Wands Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip is a straight shaft glass dildo. This product has the length to satisfy almost everyone and a cute heart pattern design.  The ruby red glass hearts are raised to provide extra stimulation on the the shaft. With the great design you might even want to display your toy. The slightly flared base is flat on the bottom for hands free fun. Lenght is 7 in. Diameter 1 1/2 in.


The Dildo Bora Glass Sleek Wand is another great addition to the toy box. Never have to worry about batteries with your glass friend. This toy is made of borosilicate glass for quality and durability.


Another great glass dildo is the Dildo Bora Glass G Spot Wand in pink. Also made out of borosilicate glass this toy can last forever. If you ever need a toy on the spot and don’t want to worry about it not being charged this is definitely the way to go.


Sex Kitten Pink Glass G Spotter Dildo is a fun slightly curved wand just made to hit the right spot. Use this toy to stroke the G Spot of P Spot of your Sex Kitten. The bulbs on the tip add for extra texture and feeling. Definitely the thing to make your kitten purr.


The fun design of the E-Glass HeartS Delight is sure to please many. With its 5 inches of insertable length, it will hit the right area.  It has a cute heart shaped handle. Non-porous, durable CyberGlass is hygienic and easy to clean. It comes with a storage bag and a 4cc pillow pack of lubricant.


A great company with two really interesting toys is Luxotiq. They have both the Luxotiq Classic and the Luxotiq Isis. Box products are molded out of Pyrex glass. One is a sleek with a few enlarged areas on the molding, while the other is slightly angled to hit the g-spot. Both come in a decorative box lined in satin to help protect your favorite friend.


Glass can be enjoyed with any of your favorite lubricants, cleans up very quickly and easily, and can be warmed or chilled in water before play for extra thrills!

6th Day Of Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…..


6 New Vajazzler designs. Vajazzle is a little bit of bling for below your belt. Vajazzling is stirring up some serious media attention thanks to numerous celebrities testimonials and talk shows. Fashion Magazines and popular gossip magazines have made them all the rage.


Vajazzle Acrylic crystal tattoos are safe for use ANYWHERE on the body and last up to 3 days. The materials are non-toxic, waterproof and easy for do-it-yourself application.


Vajazzle Double Cherries are a great new design.




Devil Vajazzle looks pretty hot.




Vajazzle Enter with the Arrow is pretty cute.




Flirt Vajazzle looks nice



Get Naked Vajazzle is a good way to give your lover a hint about what you want.




In the Mood Vajazzle is another hint.

5th Day of Christmas

On the Fifth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me…..


A fun enhancer for beginners is the Basic Essentials Butterfly Enhancer. This high quality product enhances lovemaking at a price you can’t afford to skip. This comfortable stretchy enhancer has a removable and reusable micro stimulator. It comes with a set of batteries and a spare so you will have hours of enjoyment with this toy.


Another great product by Basic Essentials is the Basic Essentials 4 Pack. This has 4 great cock rings of different shapes, so you can try different ones and see which one is the most pleasing. Or if you like all 4, just switch them out for a new adventure every time.


For a romantic twist, the Last a Lifetime Love Ring is just the thing. This stretchy cock ring comes in the shape of a sparkling engagement ring tucked into a classy ring box. The translucent jelly material helps support his erection, with the raised ribs on the side and soft protruding gen massage her clitoris during intimate encounters. This product comes in Clear, Pink, and Purple. Length 2 in, width 1 1/2 in.


Pleasure Rings by Nasstoys is a good assortment set.  They come in 5 styles and sizes per package, you never know what you will get. These sets come in different fun colors and pack a good punch.


D.A.V.E. Inc. has a great variety set call Super Magic Fun Ring 6pc. This collection of sex super stretchy jelly cock rings are various shapes and colors. This enable you to have a different “costume” for each occasion. Each outer ring  offers a different sensation for your lover, bring some Super Magic into the bedroom with this set of jelly pleasure rings.

4th Day Of Christmas


On the Fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…..


The Body Heat Sampler from Pipedreams is a great edible, warming massage lotion. This sampler comes with four 1oz. bottles in Pear, Pina Colada, Chocolate Cherry, and Strawberry. Whether is is for all over pleasure or to five special attention to a favorite area, simple rub it on. To turn up the heat just lick or blow on the special area.

For the chocolate lover in your life, the Chocolate Fantasy Sample Pack is a great chance to get to indulge. With this edible body topping you can make amazing designs on your party and enjoy licking them clean.  Four great 1o.z bottle with flavors such as Almond, Cafe Mocha, Raspberry, and Strawberry there is a flavor for everyone.


If you want one of the best rash-free shaving creams out there, you need to try the Coochy Shave Cream Sampler Kit. For a rash free shave this is a great product that can be used anywhere that you shave, including all sensitive areas. If you ever have bumps or irritation after shaving, Coochy Cream will prevent that from happening. Coochy Shave Cream can also be used as a moisturizer, resulting in very soft skin. this kit comes with a travel case and four 1oz. bottles in Original, Fragrance Free, Pear Berry, and Green Tea.


For a fun weekend, there is the Wet Weekend Love Kit which contains fout great lubricants with a handy zippered travel pack. The includes a 3.7 oz bottle of Wet Warming Intimate Lubricant, which heats on contact. A 3.5 oz bottle of Wet Light Liquid Lubricant, for the more sensitive skin, which contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. A 3.1 oz bottle of Wet Platinum Body Glide, which is their premium  silicone lubricant for long lasting use. And lastly a 3.5 oz bottle of Kiwi Strawberry Wet Gel Flavored Lubricant.


So pick up on of these kits and have a fun weekend sampling all the different flavors.

3rd Day Of Christmas

On the Third day of Christmas my true gave to me….

LELO offers the LELO Sensua Whip to excite and titillate the body. The Sensau offers gentle and no so gentle pleasure, leading you decide exactly the degree you want to incorporate in your love play. This product is made from high-quality suede with a beautifully crafted acrylic and metal handle. You get to choose, do you want to seduce or or surprise your lover?

If you are new to the world of Whips, this 10 Inch Pink/Blue Whip is right up your alley. Both playful and stingy, this cute whip comes in alternating strands of baby blue and hot pink. With a wrapped handle that offers and easy grip your hand will be protected during play. This product also have a ring at the top so it can be hung for easy storage or hung off the belt to show of your new toy. This whip is a great vegan-friendly and animal friendly alternative toy.

Grrl Toyz is a great line of fun products and they have a great Pink Play Erotic Whip. Grrl Toys is a feminine line that specializes in light bondage products.  Another great product for beginners or those a little more adventurous.  This finely crafted, high quality leather whip has a large sturdy handle with a wrist cord to maintain control. You can tease, please and torment with this great whip.  The soft, durable leatherette straps are 22 inches in length, with a total whip length of 26 inches.

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