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Luv Game Spinner

Luv Game Spinner is a fun game for Valentine’s Day or any other day you want to have a little bit of fun. Just give it a spin and you will be instructed what to do. Some of the spots to land on are Neck Nuzzle, Tickle Me, Make Out, and Hold Me Close. Plus there are two Wild Card spots where Anything Goes. This is kind of a cute fun gimmicky thing, if you are a more mild couple and you need a little direction. Also sometimes the other partner can be a little timid and this can break them in for other fun sexy games down the road.

100 Questions about Sex

100 Questions about Sex, Get the Conversation Started Card Game is a great game for couples. Whether you have been together a short time or a long time you will find out new things about your partner. I know some couples are a little shy to discuss sex, it is just isn’t something they feel comfortable with.

I get asked all the time how I can be so open about things involving sex which a lot of people consider to be taboo. Well, I didn’t have the option of a fun game like this. It can be mild or wild. The cards include three types of questions, X, XX, or XXX. You can pick your own level of intimacy.

100 cards in a nice little box for easy storage, just make sure you don’t leave it laying around since the box does tell you what is inside.

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl

Best book EVER! Ride ‘Em Cowgirl Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking Book by Dr. Sadie Allison is a great book which offers new ideas without having to contort yourself into crazy positions that most normal people are just not good at doing. I love Kama Sutra books and things but if you are over the age of 25 you could seriously injure yourself with some of the positions. I am not sure about you but my idea of a fun evening does not involve having to explain to an ER Tech how you injured yourself.


This book is very exciting because it gives you plenty of ideas for the young and old, the tame and the adventurous. Plus it has several fun ideas for positions to use during pregnancy. There are also some great ideas for lovers who have curves. 

This makes a great couples present, bachelorette party, bridal shower, etc. I will definitely be giving away copies of this book to my girlfriends.

Lover’s Pasta

I just love all these neat little pasta products they sell, the new one I tested is Lover’s Pasta. I think they are fun just to make as a surprise for dinner when you have a couple’s evening, just you and your love. When I was browsing sites a few weeks ago I found several including the Penis Pasta that i already posted. I will be posting reviews as I cook them.


This erotic shaped pasta is a fun way to entice your lover or to give him/her a hint of what you would like to do in the coming evening. Another great use is for a girls night or sexy toy party, just toss a few in your salad and enjoy the surprised looks when they find it.


The Lover’s Pasta features four of the Kama Sutra positions, doggy style, stand up sex, girl in lap sex, and female oral sex. This is a yummy edible pasta, with forms that look realistic. I wasn’t sure if you would be able to tell what the positions were but you can. This comes in an 11 oz. box. Main ingredient is Durum Wheat Semolina.


I really enjoyed this pasta, I can’t wait to try out some of the other products.

Fun Sexual Position Voucher

Two different really fun Sexual Position Vouchers are the Sexual Position Voucher and Vouchers XXX both by Ozze Inc. Both feature cartoon graphics to show you exactly what the position looks like.



With the Sexual Position Voucher they demonstrate positions you would definitely not see in any Kama Sutra book. Positions include The Black Bee, The Crab Legs,  The Star, The Monkey Business, The Panda Hug and much more.



The Vouchers XXX has several erotic poses printed on certificates, so you can write down the date and sign to prove your did these fun adventures. This kit includes 10 coupons with different and fun sexual positions and activities. Definitely fun to exchange with each other.

Pocket Kama Sutra

Ever needed a new sexual position but didn’t want to take the time to look it up on the internet. Well with the Pocket Kama Sutra you can keep it in your bedside table for an easy grab. Or you can slip it into your purse or bag to take it with you when you visit your lover. With 96 pages and more than 100 color pictures, there is sure to be a position that will please you.  There are definitely a few in there that I had never seen before, but will definitely look forward to trying.

Cute Penis Pasta

If you need a small gag gift for a friend what could be better than Weenie Linguini Penis Pasta. I bought some of this for a bachelorette party along with a few other products and it was a big hit. The bride made it as a silly part of dinner one night and the groom had a great laugh about it. In fact he still teases me about it, how I thought to buy that for them. If you ever need some delicious penis shaped pasta this is the way to go. The package holds 6.25 oz.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Recently I was invited to help host a Bachelorette party since I have helped with several in the past they consider me to be somewhat of an pro at planning. At least I always know where to go to get fun items.


A few of the penis themed items I decided to go with for the after dinner girlfriends only party were the following items. The first thing for a little decoration was a Pecker Party Tray filled with Penis Gummies. Due to the size of the party tray you will need to buy a few boxes of the gummies in order to fill it. And of course no party is complete without ice cubes for the punch, so I ordered this Pecker Ice Tray. Since we were just serving some finger foods, I decided to order penis food tray to set everything out in, so I ordered different Pecker Party Trays.












After everyone was ready to go out we added a few more gifts.The next thing that is a must is the Bachelorette Parking Permit, you can hang these from your rearview mirror to add a little bit of silliness to the night. They come in a 3pk so you can put them in the Bride’s car, Maid of Honor, etc.


There is also a cute lottery game called Bachelorette Party Lotto, this is a series of dares for the bride and her bridemaids to accomplish on their night out. They are all pretty low key, nothing too dangerous. They are fun and are definitely guaranteed for laughs. With a  What? Who? and How? Section this is good naughty fun.

Bedroom Card Game

Bedroom Commands is a fun game to try in the bedroom to break the same old routine. This game is a double deck card game full of fun commands. One deck is for the Dirty Daddy and the other is for the Sexy Bitch. You can mix the cards for fun for both parties. Or you can decide who gets the control that evening by taking control of the deck.


The cards differ in what they offer with some commands being funny, sexy, or provocative. Bedroom Commands makes a great anniversary gift for him or her. He will definitely thank you for bringing a little bit of mischievous fun into the bedroom!

Edible Body Paints

Finger painting is not just for kids anymore. Edible Paint Box by Topco is great for adult play time.

With these body paints you can use your partner’s body as a canvas to create fun and interesting designs. Maybe draw an arrow to your favorite spot. Or a nice trail for your partner to follow.

This product includes 4 nicely packaged 1oz. fruit flavors such as blueberry, banana, cherry, and pina colada. This kit comes with a paintbrush, cool stencils with hearts, clouds, stripes and romantic words. Or you can just experiment with anything your mind can come up with.

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