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Sexy Kit for Couple

Sex Therapy Kit for Lovers, another exciting product from Pipedreams. You don’t need to call the Doctor for help on this one. Just pick up this awesome kit and give each other a little therapy.


This kit includes a lot of fun props to help mix up your love life a little. With the furry cuffs and satin love mask you can choose who gets to be in charge.  Or if you want to add a little romance, leave a trail of rose petals for her to follow to the bedroom.


The Sex Therapy Kit includes Furry Love Cuffs, Satin Rose Petals, Mini-Mite Massager & Heads, Lover’s Coupon Book, Mega-Stretch Cockring, Satin Love Mask, Edible Body Paint, Flavored Warming Massage Lotion, and 2 Hot Wax candles.


I Rub My Duckie

Big Teaze has a great line of travel size rubber duckie vibrators. They have several regular size duckies, but these are quite a bit smaller, yet still pack a powerful punch.

I Rub My Duckies Valentine is the first one I ran across. These things are awesome, they bring back the nostalgia of childhood with a little naughtiness. This Duckie comes in a heart shaped ornament, perfect for giving any time of the year.  Decorated with a removable fluff around the neck and a genuine Swarovski Crystal in beak.

Bondage Duckie w/ Cuffs come in two great color combinations of Pink & White and Red & Black. These waterproof massagers come with a cute ball gag and tiny handcuffs. At a relatively inexpensive price for such a quality product they make a great present or gag gift for all seasons.

All the mentioned Duckie toys are 2″ x 3″, and require a AAA battery.   Box for Valentine Duckie measures 4.75” x 5” x 3”. The box for the Bondage Duckies measures 4.25” x 4.25” x 3.25”. Toys are waterproof.

Best Shower Sex Lubes

When you are playing in the shower it is best to use a lubricant that is good for that kind of activity. If you are going to have sex in the shower you will want to use a silicone based lubricant and not a water based one. There are several silicone based lubricants out there. However, silicone based lubricants are not safe for silicone toys, however you can use glass or hard plastic vibrators in combination with this lube.

One of the best on the market is Wet Platinum Classic, this is a silicone based product that is safe to use with condoms. This is a long lasting product that stays slick even in the water. It also has a indention to help with grip even when your hands are slippery.

Another good product is the Adam & Eve Silicone Lube. This is a great product to try, it is long lasting, slippery, and fabric friendly.

The third one I tried was Doc Johnson Silicone Unscented Lube. This product lasted quite awhile, and didn’t get slippery towards the end like several of them do. One main thing I liked about this product was that it was unscented, it had absolutely no smell to it. I know a lot of people have allergies these days, and while that may be the last thing you are thinking about when you are in the shower, it is definitely a good thing to have an unscented version.

It is definitely a good idea to check out a few different products when you are looking for something to use in the shower, to see just which one works for you. There are also several sampler packs out there such as the ID Sampler, which contains 5 different tubes of different lubes for you to try.

Sex in the Shower Products

I was fortunate enough to get to meet with a representative for Sex in the Shower products. They have a lot of very interesting products to help aid in adventures in the shower.

A must for Sex in the Shower is the Sex in the Shower Position Cards. These are great if you have never really tried this before or much in the past. The cards are waterproof so you can take them into the shower with you or keep them in the bathroom and have your lover choose a different one every time.

One really interesting product is the Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle.  All you have to do is stick the suction cups to the wall of the shower to create a tight seal, lock down the handle and you are done. This helps to create a much safer sex in the shower experience. It also makes it much easier to maintain classic positions in the shower. These handles are very strong, but the company advises you not to hang from them.

Another product that is useful when combined with the suction handle is the Sex in the Shower Single Locking Suction Foot Rest. This is designed to provide the best angle for penetration without all the slippery issues. This will prevent any embarrassing and disruptive situations you can get into.

Also a not so sexy use for the foot rest is for ladies to use when they shave in the shower. This helps put your leg in the right angle to get a close shave, on your legs or anywhere else you think to shave.

Sex in the Shower has a ton of great products, many more than I have listed. I had a great time with the representative, and I even purchased a few of the items they sell. I can’t wait to try them out.

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