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Sexy Bathtime

Want a sexy bathtime experience just for you or with your partner? With Bijoux Indiscrets Colleccion Deluxe Leau a Deux Bath Set you can do just that. This luxury bath set is just the right thing for an evening of relaxing bathing.  Bijoux is a new line from Spain for luxury bedroom products.


All you do is run some soothing bath water, add in a little of the bath foam and within minutes you have a bathtub you can’t want to slide into. Slip in the CD and invite your partner to join you.  Use the Organza Massager to get each other nice and clean with the Massage Gel. This great gift tin includes a CD with sensual music, organza massager, Bijoux Indiscrets sessence bath foam, Bijoux Indiscrets essence massage gel, ambiance candles, and an organza bag.




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