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Art of Belly Dancing

The Art of Belly Dancing is a great new way to learn a new sensual activity and stay fit at the same time. Belly Dancing is a new trend on the rise. What better way to surprise your partner than with a sensual performance with you as the star attraction! This is a great way to rev up your man for a night of fun play. The plus side for you is an incredible aerobic workout.



This kit comes with an illustrated, 64 page book with detailed instructions for all the basic moves and rythmic undulations, plus a pair of zills (finger cymbals), a viel, paste-on jewels and a CD with fun exotic music to enhance your experience. All of this at a fraction of the price it would cost you to take classes at a studio. This gives you a taste of the Belly Dancing world, you may even like it enough to become a more advanced performer.

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