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I Rub My Duckie Bondage Vibrator

Our Bondage I Rub My Duckie® caused quite a stir with his naughty black corset, spiked collar and ball gag! This Duckie is the perfect addition to your bathroom, a little bit of naughty with the nice.

Now, you can get the naughty Bondage Duckie in a Travel-Size version that is perfect to tuck into your corset or pocket for travel to the hottest parties in town, from a rave with friends to an intimate Jacuzzi with your special someone! Although the Travel-Size Bondage Duckie is only about half the size of the original Bondage Duckie, it is famous for its amazingly strong vibrations! Like all the products in the I Rub My Duckie® line, the Travel-Size Bondage Duckie is quiet and waterproof for your discreet pleasure!

Speeds: 1
Item Dimensions: 3″ x 2″ x 3″ / 7.6 x 5 x 7.6 cm
Battery Requirements: 1 AAA Alkaline Battery (not included)
Contains no: Latex, Natural Rubbers, Phthalates or Toxic Heavy Metals like Cadmium and Lead. 
International Safety & Environmental Compliance: CE, ROHS, WEEE and ASTM

I Rub My Duckie Valentine’s Gift

Want a fun yet innocent gift for her for Valentine’s?


I know the I Rub My Duckie series is always a good one. I mean what is better to set around the tub than a cute little duckie with a vibrator inside. Something innocent looking but still very sexy to use.


This special Valentine’s Day I Rub My Duckie has removeable fluff around the neck and a real Swarovski Crystal in the beak. It comes in a heart shape keepsake ornament box.


They also have the always cute and lovable I Rub My Duckie Paris in the regular and travel size. This elegant little duckie comes in Black, Pink and White, also with a removable feather boa.


I love these little duckies. They come ready to play and their whole body vibrates. From the tip of her little beak to her wings and tail, she is designed to hit all the spots you could want. Plus when your mother comes over to the house she will have no idea what is inside this cute little duckie. That is of course unless she has one of her own.

I Rub My Duckie

Big Teaze has a great line of travel size rubber duckie vibrators. They have several regular size duckies, but these are quite a bit smaller, yet still pack a powerful punch.

I Rub My Duckies Valentine is the first one I ran across. These things are awesome, they bring back the nostalgia of childhood with a little naughtiness. This Duckie comes in a heart shaped ornament, perfect for giving any time of the year.  Decorated with a removable fluff around the neck and a genuine Swarovski Crystal in beak.

Bondage Duckie w/ Cuffs come in two great color combinations of Pink & White and Red & Black. These waterproof massagers come with a cute ball gag and tiny handcuffs. At a relatively inexpensive price for such a quality product they make a great present or gag gift for all seasons.

All the mentioned Duckie toys are 2″ x 3″, and require a AAA battery.   Box for Valentine Duckie measures 4.75” x 5” x 3”. The box for the Bondage Duckies measures 4.25” x 4.25” x 3.25”. Toys are waterproof.

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