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Good Vibes

Today I am checking out some of the new toys we looked at in both Burbank and Vegas. There are so many new toys coming out in the next month or so. Some that aren’t on websites available for sale. A good company out there with some pretty awesome bed and bath products is Good Vibes.

They have these awesome new fun named products like Massage Me, Smooch Me, Rub Me, Ignite me. I like the Massage Me bar, it comes in 5 flavors, I tried the Pomegranate Mint. I am partial to the fruity flavors, but they also carry it in English Lavender, French Vanilla, After Dinner Mint, and Morning Dew. These bars are made of natural ingredients and melt into a cream when rubbed on the skin. They apply just the right amount right where you need it. I loved both giving and receiving a massage with this. I can’t wait to try all the scents.

If you want a natural yet effective and tasty lip gloss the Smooch Me lip gloss is perfect. It comes in four yummy flavors, I tried both Cherry Vanilla and Pomegranate Mint, they were very yummy. What I really liked about the product is that it didn’t leave a film on my lips. This all natural vegan lip balm contains shea butter, sweet almond oil, and Vitamin E to help keep your lips moist and ready for anything. Two other flavors are Mojito and Cinnamon Spice.

Another really interesting product they offer are the Ignite Me Massage Candle. This product is made of a soy wax. You simply light the candle and let it burn for a little while, then you blow out the flame and drip the candle over your lover’s bare skin. Since soy burns at a low temperature it won’t burn you, in fact it even turns into a sensuous massage oil you can just rub into your skin. It comes in 4 delicious flavors English Lavender, French Vanilla, Morning Dew and Pomegranate Mint. I only tried this a little bit, and I was reticent at first, I have been burned by wax before. But I waited just a few minutes after blowing out the candle while the wax was still warm to pour it on skin. It really did work just like they say it will.

I will be testing more of their products as I get them. Very interested to see what other fun things they have.

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