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Basket of Love

This Basket of Love by Pipedreams is another good basket, although it doesn’t come with as many items as some of the others, it can be a lot of fun also. This basket includes love incense cones, body paint, Spanish Fly Massage Oil, Liquid love Oil, and a sample body heat oil pillow pack. All of this is packed in a red weave basket, so it is all in one. The products do tend to run on the small side and there seems to be a lot of filling in the basket. I sent this to a friend as a engagement gift and she and her fiance enjoyed it on a weekend getaway.


1-27-14 This product is discontinued, however I have a new review up for the Pipedream Bag of Love Kit.

Massage Fun for Everyone

A fun night can sometimes start with a great massage! What a great way to surprise your partner than to offer a fun erotic massage.


Erotic Massage Book is a great example for those people who haven’t really tried it before. This book has 100 erotic drawings and a full color insert. Your partner will wonder where your awesome skills will come from.This is a very easy to understand book, within a few minutes I was a pro at giving a massage. I can definitely say that my partner was excited at the prospect of a fun massage.

One thing to keep on hand for all your massages is a great massage oil. One great example that I have tried personally is the WET Massage Oil Inttimo, with the great healing power of aromatherapy. This is a great massage oil that comes in several scents, including Forbidden Fruit, Romance, Sensuality, and Tranquility.


This gift is perfect for a birthday, anniversary, or bachelorette party.

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