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Nipple Nibbler Stick

Ever wanted to add a subtle taste wherever you want it? With the Nipple Nibblers Stick from Classic Erotica you can do that whenever, wherever you want. This product will stimulate more than just your taste buds.  You will get the most wonderful sensations when you apply to your lips or nipples. However, you can use it on other areas, but I would avoid the more sensitive areas on your body.


Nipple Nibblers have a great flavor to them. I tried both the Berry Bubblegum and the Juicy Grape. I was very surprised by the Berry Bubblegum as I am usually not a big fan, but this tasted great. The Juicy Grape really was grape, not just a simulated grape flavor. You can use them on either male or female anatomy parts. This product comes in both a stick and a 2 oz jar. The stick comes in Butter cream Icing, Berry Bubblegum, Juicy Grape, Luscious Melon, Sun Ripened Strawberry, Wild Raspberry. The jar comes in Juicy Grape, Berry Bubblegum and Butter Cream Icing.



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