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Hide Your Vibe!

Sometimes there are just things in the world that you don’t want everyone to see. I am the proud owner of several adult “toys.” However, that doesn’t mean I want everyone to see them. When I was in college it was hard to find a good spot to hide them from room mates or just random people who came in your room. If they would have had these cool hideaway pillows back then it would have made things so much easier. The Sports Sheets Hide Your Vibe Pillow is fantastic!

They come in fun patterns such as Giraffe and Cheetah, plus they have your basic Black or Red. This is what the pillow looks like when it is just out in your room. You can us it as an accent pillow for your bedroom and no one will be the wiser.

It can hold all kinds of fun things, such as vibrators, lubes, masks, handcuffs, ties, etc. It is pretty roomy on the inside but if you have several toys you can always invest in more than one. They have a high quality exterior so they won’t look cheesy or out of place.

Great Stocking Stuffers

Ever need a gift and just don’t know what to get? Have a gift exchange with friends you might need something a little naughty for. Stock up on these ideas and you will always be a hit.

Naughty Secret Santa Tingle Gele flavored in peppermint is always a crowd pleaser. This product includes a 2 oz. jar of Peppermint flavored Tingle Gele and a hidden surprise. As a special treat you get a vibrating cockring for more sensual fun.

Santa’s Lil Helper Spot Vibe is a hot little present you can keep on hand for whenever times get tough. Santa’s cleverly curved hat reaches your G-spot with ease for a bell jingling, jolly good time all year long

Need a good gag gift for the friend who always buys horrible presents? This Strokin’ Santa Wind Up Toy is the perfect thing to put in their stocking. Just wind up Santa and watch him have a little bit of fun all by himself.

Have a friend who is a little too naughty? Then this is the perfect gift for them. Fetish Fantasy Xmas Plush Cuff Set is a great way to share a few sexy ideas for the holiday season. Give your partner a present they will enjoy unwrapping on Christmas Eve. This set is a great Holiday twist on the normal fetish cuff series. With red cuffs trimmed in white faux fur for a true holiday feel you will definitely want to spend quality time with your personal Santa. This kit includes a mask, two wrist cuffs, two ankle cuffs, Santa hat, and two connecting chains. I definitely advise buying at least a few of the other items in the picture because they definitely add to the overall look.

Candy Cane Hide-A-Vibe is the perfect addition to any holiday present. You can wrap this present up and no one but you and your special someone will know exactly what this fun present is all about. This innocent looking Candy Cane has a powerful multispeed vibrator hidden inside.

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