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3rd Day Of Christmas

On the Third day of Christmas my true gave to me….

LELO offers the LELO Sensua Whip to excite and titillate the body. The Sensau offers gentle and no so gentle pleasure, leading you decide exactly the degree you want to incorporate in your love play. This product is made from high-quality suede with a beautifully crafted acrylic and metal handle. You get to choose, do you want to seduce or or surprise your lover?

If you are new to the world of Whips, this 10 Inch Pink/Blue Whip is right up your alley. Both playful and stingy, this cute whip comes in alternating strands of baby blue and hot pink. With a wrapped handle that offers and easy grip your hand will be protected during play. This product also have a ring at the top so it can be hung for easy storage or hung off the belt to show of your new toy. This whip is a great vegan-friendly and animal friendly alternative toy.

Grrl Toyz is a great line of fun products and they have a great Pink Play Erotic Whip. Grrl Toys is a feminine line that specializes in light bondage products.  Another great product for beginners or those a little more adventurous.  This finely crafted, high quality leather whip has a large sturdy handle with a wrist cord to maintain control. You can tease, please and torment with this great whip.  The soft, durable leatherette straps are 22 inches in length, with a total whip length of 26 inches.

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