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Tips: How to Choose a Vibrator

  • What Do You Want To Use It For?

Do you want to use it on your clitoris? Do you want to insert it in your vagina or anus? Just about anything that vibrates will feel good on or around the clitoris. Phalic- shaped vibrators that are suitable for penetration may also be used outside the vagina if the vibration on the tip is strong enough. Do you want the feeling of penetration and the vital clitoral buzz? Dual-action vibes mean you don’t have to choose just one option.

Electric vibrators are the most powerful, if you don’t carry your vibrator with you this is a very good option. This option is very good for you if you have a problem orgasming, you might want to try this first.

If you are planning to use the vibrator for anal use you must make sure it has a flared base so you can retrieve it easily. Many toys are designed specifically for anal use, so if you are just beginning that would probably be the best choice for you.

  • How Strong Do You Want Your Vibration To Be?

If you are new to the vibrator world then this can be a very tough question to answer. This is the best time to experiment with all types of vibrators. If you prefer to masturbate with a firm touch on the clit rather than using a light rubbing then you may want to choose a strong vibration. The plug-in variety generally offer the strongest vibrations. Generally jelly-rubber toys that use batteries tend to vibrate less, although that is not always true either. If you prefer different speeds at different times during masturbation then you definitely will want to try a variable speed vibrator.

  • How Much Do You Want To Spend?

There are quite a few vibrators out there. You can start with anything from the small bullet vibe to a fluttering, vibrating, rotating rabbit. The Screaming O Bullet is a very low priced vibrator to start out with, it has a good vibration in a small powerful package. If you are really into the thrill and want the full throbbing adventure with multiple speeds, then you should definitely try to Rabbit Habit by Vibratex.

The Pleasurists #119 Sex Toy Reviews

My first time to be included in the popular Pleasurists Sex Toy Review Blog by Scarlet!

Naked Fetish by FlipFlopBear

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Luz de la Riva

Luz de la Riva has some great products. I was lucky enough to get to meet Luz and Savannah at the ANE/AEE in Las Vegas.  This is a great family run business, I love small businesses. This company has a mission statement that I agree with. Luz de la Riva is about giving back to the community. I was given samples of some of their bath and body products and I will be testing them out in the near future. They have bath and body products with sophisticated packaging that you will not be embarrassed about having out on your counter. They have redesigned all their packaging to include the silhouette of a lovely woman in very exquisite poses. They also carry lingerie and assorted intimate aides. Look forward to more posts in the future regarding their products.

Back Home in Texas

Well, we made it back to Texas. It was a very fruitful trip and I got to meet a lot of people in the adult novelty industry. I got to play with a lot of new toys. I can’t wait to get more in to test for everyone. I really enjoyed the AEE/ANE (Adult Entertainment Expo/Adult Novelty Expo) event in Las Vegas, all the great toy companies were there showing their new products. I was like a kid in a candy shop there. So many things to see and feel. Not to mention the people were so friendly and they definitely made you feel like one of the gang. Even though I am relatively new to the blogging world, I have only been doing it hard core for a few months now, they all made me feel welcome and were more than willing to answer any questions I had or show me anything.


I also had to good fortune of accompanying Dallas Novelty to the ANME(Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo) show in Burbank, CA. This show had even more toys I had not had the privilege of seeing yet, so it was great. The only drawback was a few booths that had no interest in showing of their products. I thought everyone at this show would be excited to show off their products because they want to sell them and they want people to promote them. I did get to talk with several booths that had great new products and definitely wanted to share that. I got a few samples with more to come later. I have a lot of “work” in store for me in testing these things.

Another Great Day in LA

Today started out with a lot of fun, got to see a few of the sights in the LA area. We also went to check out East Coast News, a company based out of NJ with a warehouse in Van Nuys. Everyone out there was very friendly and it was really cool to see the inside of the warehouse with all the fun toys. It was totally like a kid in a candy shop for me. So many things I haven’t tried yet. After seeing all the new products in both Vegas and Burbank it was good to see the warehouse and the immense number and variety of products they have available. I know that so many companies limit their selection of toys they sell but this is a wholesale distributor that a lot of companies use and I can definitely see why. Gabriel and Haley were awesome, Gabriel gave us the tour of the warehouse and there were several things I had not seen before that I am looking forward to ordering and recieving.


We also had dinner with our favorite Penthouse Pet, Taylor Vixen. She was the Penthouse Pet of the Year 2010. She just handed over her crown to the new 2011 Pet of the Year Nikki Benz. Taylor has a lot of very exciting things planned for this year, so stay tuned to learn about all the fun activities she is doing.

LA Part Duex

Actually I guess this would technically be day 4 in LA, but the second free day that we have had. Today we are going to be hitting Venice Beach with Taylor Vixen, hopefully I can get a few pics to post for all your guys. I promise I will have a new toy review up very soon. When I get home I should have all my new toys ready and waiting for me to try out. Talk to everyone soon!


Sorry everyone, I know it has taken me a little while to get back to you. I have been on the road since last Tuesday. First we started our journey to Las Vegas for the AEE/ANE show. That was really informative, met a lot of manufacturers and distributors. I was lucky to be able to travel with Dallas Novelty because Nick knows everyone. I got a lot of samples from some great companies like Swiss Navy, Luz De La Riva, WET, Evolved, and a few others. I really am going to be looking forward to the next few weeks when I will get to try all these fun things. As you will know from reading my previous blogs I lean towards trying all the new lubricants and vibrators. One toy I am really excited about is the Icicles Glass Wands by Pipedreams. This is a new rabbit glass vibe The Icicles #16 on most websites. I definitely look forward to experimenting with this great new toy. I will write more as soon as I can.

Wonderful New Year Full of Toys!

If you have any questions about a specific adult toy just let me know and I will see if I can get the toy from one of my people and write a review on it. I know a lot of people have questions out there. If you want a answer really quick to a question the best thing to do is to look on the reviews on a lot of the online retailers websites.


I know Adam & Eve and Dall Novelty have reviews from customers on their websites. When I was in my late teens and early 20s I never knew what the best toys to buy were. I always checked online and found that the reviews of other buyers is exactly what I wanted to read, it helped me to get a sense of what was good and what would disappoint.


There are so many new products out there and more come out almost every day plus there is a wide variety. I am trying not to post anything I think is a dud right now, I want to get positive comments out there to share all the wonderful products there are.


With the Valentine’s Day love fest coming up soon I want to post some fun things in both the his and hers category. There are so many products for you to find to buy for your man and if you buy him one of these great products you are bound to have him wrapped around your little finger.


Once I started surprising him with a little bit of spice in the bedroom I had him as my slave. And there are a lot of mild toys out there if you prefer more of the plain Vanilla, but if you are adventurous there are quite a few for you also. Toys range from beginner to BDSM to Fetish to boy on boy and girl on girl, or any combination.


I look forward to a great New Year and to reviewing lots of fun and exciting products.

Gearing Up For Vegas

I was invited by Dallas Novelty to accompany them to Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo and AVN Awards in Vegas January 6-8, 2011. The AVN Awards have been going on for nearly three decades and it is one of the adult industry’s biggest nights out. The event comes complete with a stylish red carpet pre-show and a awards show full of celebs.


I am mainly going for the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo that happens this weekend, the awards show is just a plus. Anyone who is any in the adult world will be there. I can’t wait to see who shows up for the event. I will definitely be posting pictures after we get back.


The AVN Awards show is aired on Showtime, and repeated several times so you can catch it should you miss it the first night. Entertainment Weekly has dubbed this the “Oscars of the Adult.”

Massage Fun for Everyone

A fun night can sometimes start with a great massage! What a great way to surprise your partner than to offer a fun erotic massage.


Erotic Massage Book is a great example for those people who haven’t really tried it before. This book has 100 erotic drawings and a full color insert. Your partner will wonder where your awesome skills will come from.This is a very easy to understand book, within a few minutes I was a pro at giving a massage. I can definitely say that my partner was excited at the prospect of a fun massage.

One thing to keep on hand for all your massages is a great massage oil. One great example that I have tried personally is the WET Massage Oil Inttimo, with the great healing power of aromatherapy. This is a great massage oil that comes in several scents, including Forbidden Fruit, Romance, Sensuality, and Tranquility.


This gift is perfect for a birthday, anniversary, or bachelorette party.

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